Lisell Hiller

Lisell Hiller is a Venezuelan fashion designer.

She started her career at Alexis, Lively and Port de Bras. After 7 years in the industry, her interest in swim suit design took her to Barcelona, where she studied her master’s degree in lingerie and swimwear. During her 9 months in Barcelona, Lisell discovered a need in the swimwear market for a simple, subtle and timeless collection.

LH Timeless Collection is minimalist, structured, neat and delicate swimwear inspired to make women feel special and feminine.

Lisell’s believes that everything in life is possible if you work hard enough to make dreams become reality. Through the process of creating her Timeless Collection Lisell has  connected with her customers opening up to new ideas, doing things differently, and learning from their reactions. Lisell looks down on fast fashion and fashion waste. She is a firm believer that LESS IS MORE, and that fashion sustainability should not only rely on consumers, but also the brands.

LH is not a mass produced brand, it’s an exclusive one. LH Timeless Collection is not just about design, it is about long lasting products. Quality for Lisell is not negotiable. She works with sustainable fabrics, and is very immersed in the manufacturing process of each piece.

LH is more than just Lisell’s brand, it’s her passion, and her life.

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